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You asked, we listened, we acted, and we are now pleased to announce that the new Exam Invigilation course is now live in our TrainingSchoolz and CandidateGo subscriptions.
According to research carried out by BBC Radio 4 and the NASUWT, teachers say they do not feel equipped to deal with peer-on-peer sexual abuse because they have had no training.
The news is currently full of problems with sexual abuse, misogyny & harassment in schools, as well as in wider society. Our new staff training will focus on safeguarding around sexual abuse, harassment and misogyny.
Schools have a duty to provide Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), but this has historically been a “hit and miss” affair with students (and Ofsted) consistently reporting that in some secondary schools’ PSHE was “not good enough”.
As pupils return to school, and we all begin to see the benefits of restrictions being lifted, it would be easy to assume that everyone will be feeling great and pleased to return to ‘normal’.
Two major factors have brought the issue of internet safety to a critical point in the past year. Schools have been forced to move much of their learning online, leading to a huge increase in pupils’ internet use at a time when professionals’ face-to-face contact with them – and therefore their ability to pick up on signals of concern – has been severely curtailed.
The move to remote issues throws up a huge range of safeguarding issues, both in terms of protecting children AND teachers. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources out there to help you navigate rough this minefield. David Winfield from RocketLearn has given us a quick checklist of his top five tips for remote learning – we hope they are useful.
Brand new, PSHE and health and wellbeing materials from Chameleon PDE. We’ve heard about schools who are very concerned about the mental health of their pupils but, due to the current Covid crisis, are struggling to timetable enough PSHE to meet student need. Our friends at Chameleon PDE have come up with a solution
Good career development can transform your staffroom and help retain your best teachers. One expert explains how to get it right
You'd assume that teachers would be good at running training sessions. You'd assume wrong, says Callum Jacobs
A wellbeing quick win or just another workload woe? Joanne Tiplady investigates
How much does your governing board know about effective staff development – and to what extent do governors support and challenge your school’s work in this crucial area? Maria Cunningham advises
It is only a matter of time before schools become engulfed in scandals over breaches of their pupils’ data, a leading expert has warned.
CPD can be a battle if it is imposed from the top down – here's how to ensure that it has an impact, says Joanne Tiplady
All teachers should be pressing for better professional development and a greater role in curriculum development within their schools, writes Yvonne Williams
Report says four in five schools believe fines for breaching new data protection regulations would 'significantly impact' them
Leader of Ambition Institute says it will have to 'continually demonstrate' to schools the long-term benefits of investing in CPD
Cash-strapped schools are having to choose between training staff and buying books and stationery, research shows
Cost and a lack of time are big obstacles to school staff getting professional development, a survey shows
With China relaxing its one child policy, the Early Years education market there is flourishing. Both Chinese and international providers are rushing to set up early years care settings.
These exciting new online products, which range from British standards training for Chinese nursery workers, to mandatory training and policies for UK schools, are all built on the powerful TrainingToolz platform.
Darren Harrison fined £700, ordered to pay £364 costs and victim surcharge of £35
Teachers should get excited about inset days – after all, they’re a luxury most professionals don’t get, says Karen Wespieser, who shares some tips to inject the enthusiasm back into school-based CPD
Instead of higher salaries for Stem recruits, we need to support our current teachers to expand on their specialisms
We have had a massive response to our GDPR training offer
Philippe Riveron looks at the influence of digital tools in keeping us employable.
Incorporating online learning as part of a programme of blended learning can save time and increase retained knowledge
Is it time for you to explore how you can enhance your knowledge sharing capacity by utilising online methodologies to support other face-to-face knowledge sharing approaches?
How coaching, training and consultancy can be delivered at scale