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MIS Data Sharing Agreement

Integration with your school MIS

One of the things which our users have frequently requested is a more efficient way of integrating TrainingSchoolz into their exiting schools MIS systems.
TrainingSchoolz is designed primarily for the circulation of training and policy to staff and as such, needs the staff name and email address data to provide this.

Adding staff data to the system is straight forward and can either be done through form entry or import of a data file. However, we recognise that maintaining this data may require some administration on the part of our users, for instance remembering to add a new staff member or archive a colleague who is no longer with the school.
With the majority of schools now enjoying the use of some form of MIS it makes a great deal of sense that TrainingSchoolz should work with these systems in order to further enhance the simplicity and time-saving features of our system.

The solution

We decided to partner with Wonde to implement MIS integration. Wonde is a highly regarded and well-trusted market leader in the provision of data integration with schools. We use the Wonde service in order to integrate your school data into TrainingSchoolz. Wonde works with the majority of MIS systems, look here to make sure your system is compatible.

Additional data sharing information for schools

How does it work?

The first thing to note is that we can only integrate with your data if you request and then authorise us to do so.

If you already use Wonde you'll know the simplicity of the system - Tell us you'd like to integrate TrainingSchoolz with your MIS, we request access via Wonde and they seek your authorisation.
If you are new to Wonde, the process isn't much more difficult. You'll just need to install some software and configure some things on your school systems first - what's more Wonde technical support staff will help you with it all.

What data does TrainingSchoolz use?

Wonde is a very powerful platform and can provide the basis for some incredible systems and services. However, when it comes to TrainingSchoolz we need very little. We simply request the following data:

  • Staff Name
  • Staff email address
  • Staff role

That's it!

The data we collect is used exclusively in order for your school to provide training to your staff. We do not use that information for any other purpose other than to provide the service. We will never initiate any contact or send unsolicited information.

When do we collect your data?

When you have authorised access to your MIS data TrainingSchoolz will automatically collect your staff data as specified above.

Thereafter we will make a request for information regarding any updates to your data at least once every 24 hours. The update information we retrieve will give us information on any new staff added to your MIS and any changes to existing staff records such as change of name, email or if they have left the school.

What do we do with the updates?

We consider your MIS data to be correct and thus will make any changes required to stay in sync.

  • If a staff name or email address changes, we will change it on TrainingSchoolz automatically - we will not log old data.
  • When a new staff member is added we will create a staff candidate record for them and add their data.
  • When a staff member leaves the school we will archive their record - this means that their training data is still available to you for your evidencing and audit trail reasons, but they will no longer be available for training.

Data Sharing Agreement

We take data privacy and security very seriously. One of the reasons we choose to partner with Wonde was because of their own trustability and security systems.

Our data sharing agreement with you is outlined in our easy to read Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us:

  • Email -
  • Call - 0113 526 5980