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10 Ways To Enhance Your Knowledge Sharing Capacity Using Online Platforms

Is it time for you to explore how you can enhance your knowledge sharing capacity by utilising online methodologies to support other face-to-face knowledge sharing approaches?

Sit in on a group of coaches, trainers and HR directors and ask them which method of knowledge transfer they feel is most effective, the majority are likely to suggest that face-to-face learning wins hands-down.

The ability to be able to interact, applying all the senses of visual, auditory and the occasional kinaesthetic group hug, ensures that face-to-face learning enhances the connectivity between the knowledge giver and receiver. So why is it then, that the online knowledge sharing industry is currently worth over $2.55bn worldwide and growing?

It’s Not About Prioritising One Learning Format Over Another

Face-to-face learning is undoubtedly preferred by most knowledge givers and receivers but what happens in between physical sessions, how does the learner remain motivated and focused and how are they supported whilst attempting to implement their new-found skills?

The ability to be able to access resources online is something we have all become familiar with during recent years and being able to review and apply these resources in our own time has significant appeal as well as advantages.

Online learning should be considered not simply in isolation, as the only method of sharing knowledge but as way to enhance physical interaction between the knowledge giver and receiver.

Below are 10 ways that you can enhance your knowledge sharing capacity using an online platform such as

1. Filling in the knowledge gaps – you can share additional resources and knowledge online to support face-to-face learning.

2. Prevent rapid loss of knowledge – long gaps between face-to-face learning sessions often means that actions are not implemented in a timely manner and worse still, any knowledge learnt may soon be forgotten (most studies suggest that a learner forgets 40% of the information they receive within the first 20 minutes and almost 80% within the first 7 days. By applying additional learning online, you significantly improve the level of retained knowledge by the learner.

3. Refresher training – sharing knowledge online allows the learner to continually be updated on any latest product, service or organisational developments.

4. Being more responsive – through online knowledge sharing platforms you have the ability to respond to the learner’s questions and queries in a way which avoids you or they playing telephone tag. The learner posts the question at a time that suits them and you can respond in a more timely manner.

5. Logistical efficiency– where large numbers of learners are involved, getting everyone together on a specific date can often be a challenge, especially when employees are scattered around the country or even globally. Online learning enables knowledge to be shared at the time it is required, easily and efficiently.

6. Economically more viable – with online knowledge sharing there is no cost of travel to consider or overnight stays away for you or the learner.

7. No geographic boundaries – online knowledge sharing enables you to share information with team members or clients easily and efficiently, irrespective of their location.

8. Knowledge materials can easily be updated – by creating and sharing information digitally online it is far easier to update and share information, which can significantly reduce the cost or requirement for printed learning materials.

9. Customising learning materials – creating learning materials, bespoke to individual learners is much easier when the information is online, versus hard-copy printed workbooks. The cost of printed materials often means that you are restricted to creating them in a standard and generic format.

10. Raise your clients’ productivity – Mckinsey & Partners, the global research institute estimates suggest that by fully implementing online and social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of their teams by as much 25%.

The Opportunity

Delivering high value resources to learners not only helps them be more efficient, it also strengthens your position and value within any organisation. Is it time for you to explore how you can enhance your knowledge sharing capacity by utilising online methodologies to support other face-to-face knowledge sharing approaches?

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