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TrainingToolz was created by the the award winning team behind successful UK learning and teaching brands and Working in the education space we wanted to expand our traditional content packages to include online training so we could train teachers. 

The existing tech options out there seemed to involve complex software packages, multi-tiered cloud options where you had to pay for the ‘platinum with bells and whistles on’ service to get a half way decent product, and learning platforms that cost a gazillion pounds to buy.

So we built ourselves a simple to use online platform where we could create, email out and monitor online training. To date (Dec 2017) over a hundred thousand courses have been completed on it by our education customers.

The platform we built worked so well for us and allowed us to expand our business that we wanted to help other organisations to be able to do the same. So in 2016 we started to work with trainers and HR professionals from a range of industries to work out exactly what tweaks our system would need to be able to help a wide range of other organisations train people online. The result - in April 2017 was born.